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Checking for a Water Leak

Troubleshooting guide to check if your system has sprung a leak

Finding water leaks can save you water which means saving money on your water and sewer bills. An unattended leak can be financially substantial if not taken care of properly.


Understanding your Water Meter

When investigating a possible leak on your side of the meter, turn all water-using appliances off to rule out that no water is being used. This means turning off all water inside and outside the house including showers, sinks, washing machines, hydrants and any additional appliances that may use water. If you have a sprinkler irrigation system, turn off the controller and manually shut off the system.


Take the lid off the meter box and lift the protective cover.

Watch the Meter

Your meter DOES NOT have the red triangle or silver sprocket shaped “leak indicator” anymore. The updated meters are all digital displays and have “flow detection” in place of the leak indicator.


Reading the Meter

First, a nine digit number will display which is your meter reading. The number will then cycle to the meter flow going through your meter. If it doesn’t cycle on its own, don’t worry. Just place your finger of the photo eye and a three digit number will display. This is the flow that is currently detected going through the meter per minute.


In order to figure your flow per hour, take the three digit number times 60. When 0.00 is displayed, no water flow is detected at that time. If you have concerns of a possible issue, we recommend checking the meter multiple times to verify no continuous flow. While checking your meter, if you get any ERR on the display or blank screen that is normal. The meters are light sensitive so just close the protective cover and reopen, allowing the display to reset.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 7.28.07 PM.png

The Badger Meter E-Series Ultrasonic meters use a nine-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to show consumption, flow rate and alarm information.

Leak Detection

If a leak is detected, shutting that valve off in the meter pit is permitted ONLY to make repairs. We ask that the valve in the meter pit is not used as a shut off all the time. Putting in a shut off valve on your side of the service is recommended. If that valve becomes weak for any reason, the cost of the parts and repair will be charged to the customer. If you have any concerns with your meter pit shut off valve, please contact the office.


To Check a Toilet for Leaks

A simple trick for checking a toilet for leaks is putting a few drops of food coloring into the water on the back of the stool. Let the toilet sit idle for approximately 30 minutes. If color begins to appear in the bowl there could be an issue.

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